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Easter Entertaining made Easy

A few tips top help you plan your Easter celebration

Easter is one of the most beloved holidays of the year, and with good reason. It's a time of rebirth, renewal, and rejoicing, and it's a wonderful opportunity to gather with family and friends to celebrate. If you're planning to host an Easter celebration this year, here are some tips to help you make it a memorable one.

1. Plan ahead

Hosting a successful Easter gathering requires careful planning. Avoid the overwhelm and start by making a list of everything you'll need, from food and decorations to activities and games. This list can be bullet form to start and you can get into the specifics later. Be sure to factor in the number of guests you're expecting, as well as any dietary restrictions or preferences.

2. Set the tone with décor

Easter is all about springtime, so bring that theme into your home décor. Decorate your table with colorful tablecloths, fresh flowers, and Easter-themed centerpieces. You can also hang Easter wreaths or garlands around your home to create a festive atmosphere. Here at Ginger and Spice, we make all kinds of Custom Easter themed treats to help make your Easter celebration amazing and your Easter Table outstanding. A great way to wow your guests is to use Custom treats in your place setting.

3. Prepare delicious food

Easter is a time for indulging in delicious food, so make sure you have plenty of tasty treats on hand. Traditional Easter fare includes ham, deviled eggs, and hot cross buns, but don't be afraid to get creative with your menu. Consider adding some vegetarian or vegan options to your spread to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. Bring in your own cultural traditions, even if your guests are from a variety of cultures.. Its always fun to try someone else's traditions. Don't forget dessert. Pre-order is still open and we'd be happy to take one thing of of your to do list.

4. Plan some fun activities

In addition to enjoying good food and company, Easter is also a time for fun activities. Consider setting up an Easter egg hunt for the kids (or adults!), or organizing some outdoor games like cornhole or frisbee. You can also have a craft station set up for guests to make their own Easter decorations, like painted eggs.

5. Don't forget the Easter basket

Easter wouldn't be complete without an Easter basket, so be sure to have some on hand for your guests. Fill them with chocolate eggs, candy, small toys, and other treats. You can also personalize the baskets with each guest's name for a special touch. They can also be used in your Easter egg hunt! Cakesicles make the perfect addition to any Easter Basket and are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

With a little planning and preparation, you can host a wonderful Easter celebration that your guests will remember for years to come. Happy Easter!


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