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what is your flavour personality?

Take the quiz

1. What's your go-to ice cream flavor?

a) Vanilla

b) Chocolate

c) Strawberry

d) Mint chocolate chip

e) Cookies and cream

2. Which activity would you choose for a relaxing day off?

a) Reading a book

b) Binge-watching a TV series

c) Going for a hike in nature

d) Trying out a new recipe

e) Shopping spree

3. What's your ideal vacation destination?

a) A cozy cabin in the mountains

b) A vibrant city with bustling nightlife

c) A tropical beach paradise

d) A historical and culturally rich destination

e) An amusement park or entertainment hub

4. Pick a hobby that interests you the most:

a) Painting or drawing

b) Playing video games

c) Gardening or plant care

d) Playing a musical instrument

e) Dancing

5. Which season do you enjoy the most?

a) Spring

b) Summer

c) Autumn/Fall

d) Winter

e) I love them all

Keep track of your score!

Now, let's tally up your responses and discover what your cake flavour you are and what it says about you!


A-1 point

B-2 points

C-3 points

D- 4 points

E-5 points

Now, add up the points for each answer and determine the result:

5-8 points: Your cake flavor is Vanilla! It indicates that you appreciate simplicity, elegance, and timeless things. You value tradition and find joy in the little things!

● 9-12 points: Your cake flavor is Chocolate! It reveals that you have a true indulger's personality. You have a passion for all things rich and decadent.

● 13-16 points: Your cake flavor is Red Velvet! It suggests that you have a romantic and passionate nature. You enjoy the beauty in life and cherish relationships. You believe in the power of love and connections.

● 17-20 points: Your cake flavor is Carrot! It indicates that you have a creative and nurturing personality. You have a passion for creativity and love expressing yourself through various art forms. 

● 21-25 points: Your cake flavor is Funfetti! It signifies that you have an energetic and joyful personality. You're fun-loving, and social, and enjoy being in the midst of bustling activity. You bring joy and laughter to any gathering.



Remember, this quiz is meant to be lighthearted and just for fun. 

Enjoy your cake flavor and embrace the unique traits it reflects!

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